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Wesley Nurse News

Devine Ministerial Fellowiship is happy to announce it's partnership with  Melissa D. Sagemuehl, RN,Wesley Nurse to bring you some healthy news tips.  Please click on the link below to find this month's Wesley Nurse News.


Tears of Joy

During our recent Mission Devine ministry, we were all blessed to do the work of the Lord in our community as over 150 volunteers worked throughout the week repairing homes, fences, sidewalks and much more as the Lord led Mission Devine and its volunteers.  The week was filled with the Spirit as we shared in the lives of both volunteers and the families whom help was given.  One such story was told of a more senior citizens who cried tears of joy as she thanked the team for helping her in her home repair.  And many of the teams have shared similar stories and joy within the homes they entered

To God be the glory and let us keep his 2nd commandment of "Love your neighbor as yourself."