Devine Ministerial Fellowship

Preaching, Teaching and Sharing Fellowship through Jesus Christ

Our Community

Our community is rich in heritage, family and loving God.  We share in our belief of these principles of God, Country and Family.  A small rural community of diverse people who enjoy one anothers company and share in each others lives.  A family community for those whom seek it.  Devine has a great ISD that is driven for achiement of its children.  From sports to academics.  A small city with many churches to meet the spiritual needs of its diverse community but coming together as one in serving our Lord Christ Jesus.  Devine Ministerial Fellowship brings the diverse community together through its common goal to follow the second commandment of Jesus Christ.  The commandment to "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." 

DMF ha helped form "Mission Devine."  an annual event in which many of the local church members come together to help their neighbors. A one week long event where a hundred plus volunteers  take on projects such as home repairs, house painting, roof replacements, plumbing repairs, yard work, tree triming and more.  This is a true refelction of our community at its best.  The Devine Ministerial Fellowship works with various leaders, through their churches, to come together as one community in help enrich the lives of its people and to bring the community in closer relationship with each other and with our Lord Christ Jesus.