Devine Ministerial Fellowship

Preaching, Teaching and Sharing Fellowship through Jesus Christ

Our Mission

1. To meet the spiritual needs of our community, and the physical needs of the less fortunate.

2. to promote and support the social, economic and spiritual health of families and individuals
within the Devine area.

3. The purpose of the Devine Ministerial Fellowhsip is to respond to human needs and to serve as an educational and consciousness-raising agency concerning all issues which affect those in need in our community.

4. The Devine Ministerial Fellowship is a not-for-profit organization, a united effort of many people from all walks of life who have the one common denominator of compassion and love for others. the poor and needy are the primary focus. Emergency assistance in the way of shelter, food, clothing, healthcare, utilities, and transportation is the Fellowhip's first concern. treatment of emotional problems, education, and spiritual guidance become the primary efforts once emergency needs have been met.

5. To provide assistance to individuals and families in need throughout Devine area.

6. The Devine Ministerial Fellowship is organized for the purpose of promoting better Christian welfare, better moral standards, better communication between denominations, and meeting some of the cisis needs of people in our area.

7. The Devine Ministerial Fellowship seek's to meet the needs of our Community through our emergency voucher ministry. We give emergency aid through our voucher program to assist transients who come through our community. We also provide local residents in crisis situations assistance through vouchers for food, travel, prescriptions, children and infant needs. the Fellowhsip is designed to assist persons but not support them. we run a food pantry ministry to provide food to families in crisis. we serve persons who live in devine area.